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Richmond is a cinematic director moved by complex and thought provoking narrative. His works extend across various genres from commercial, branded content, MUSIC to long-form narrative. “Some Sort of Judas” is Richmond's long-form debut. The documentary film looks at violence in Toronto’s inner-city and its ripple effect on a GRIEVING community through the story of Kevin Williams a once promising rapper forced to become the crown witness against his friend charged on four murders. Kevin now branded as “rat” unspools the complex story of betrayal, TRAGEDY, SECRETS, AND LIES from an unknown location. The film premiered on TVO in over 100 000 homes sparking massive online conversations. Several educators and activistS have dubbed it one of the most important Canadian documentaries on crime and justice. The film is currently being handled by Zebra PR and AMG Corp. for international sales and made its way to the 2018 Cannes Marche Du Film.

Richmond is currently drafting a screenplay based on the book “Slavery of Faith” by Leslie Wagner who chronicles her story as being one of the few remaining survivors of the Jim Jones Peoples Temple Massacre on November 18 1978. The story follows her early childhood, being apart of the cult and escaping with her young son and a group of 11 on the morning of the massacre. The book upon its initial release received interest from academy awards nominee Taraji P. Henson who wanted the role of Leslie Wagner. The goal is to cast her for the lead role.




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